Performance / Installation with looped video projections.

Activities: signalling with torches, construction of 25 metre fishing net, manipulation of projections, actions with rope, gutting knife, glass anchor, floral tributes and salt.

Duration: 35 hours over five days

7th - 12th November 1996, Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham

Ballast is taken on by ships in order to ensure stability, it is therefore vital to safe passage. Materially however it is worthless. Ballast as a work sought to articulate a discourse around visibility, value and status.

The action of making a net may be taken as homely or sinister. My presence within the work served to embody simultaneously the polarities of nurturer and hysteric - collapsing one into the other.

The accumulative traces of various actions, performed within the space over five days, articulating through disorder a kind of new order.

Commissioned by NOW 96