the encircling of a shadow

A series of works combining video, performance and text, continuing existing interests in the coastline as an actual and metaphoric place of transition.

Newlyn Art Gallery, Penlee House, Penzance, Cornwall 12 May - 9 June 2001

In the upstairs gallery at Newlyn two video works were installed, the first of footage shot at Tater Du lighthouse (along the coast from Newlyn) reversed from positive to negative; the second the shadow of a female figure caught in the spill of its beam.

In the downstairs gallery a list of over 90 women's names, each the name of a boat registered at the port of Penzance, was presented opposite a water-colour by Walter Langley, The Departure of the Fleet for the North especially 'returned' to the building (originally designed to house the works of the Newlyn School painters) for the exhibition.

A third video work of the list of names being tapped out in Morse on an emergency spark transmitter was installed at Penlee House, Penzance where the The Departure of the Fleet for the North normally hangs.

On the evening of May 25th at sunset, a list of 90 women's names, each that of a local fishing boat, was signalled out to sea, using lights over Mounts Bay, by volunteers from Porthcurno Submarine Telegraphy Museum, accompanied by singing from the Marazion Appollo Male Voice Choir.

Performance - Mounts Bay 25th May