2nd Feb - 11th Mar 2000 Museum of Installation, London.

Question and answer spread: Ten images on light reactive paper recording fortune-telling sequence.

Nature morte: De-composed fruit coated in wax.

Part of a group show of work by artists concerned with the idea of evidence and with positioning the viewer as interpreter; utilising methodologies of the kind used by researchers, criminologists and anthropologists.

Question and answer spread - uses light reactive paper to record the telling of the artist’s fortune. The work pursued a metonymic relationship to the idea of the clue, in respect of both its material status as ‘evidence’ and also the 'search for signs' that it documented.

Presented on the windows of the gallery a number of incidental relations arose to the street outside - reflecting the Church and Undertakers across the road and resembling actual shops offering fortune telling services. Being unstable when exposed to light the images gradually faded over the period of their installation.

Supported by Arts Council of England Production Award