In Love with the Lithosphere – journeying towards the Anthropocene through the Paper Landscapes of the Modern

Postcards from the Anthropocene. Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation
Editors - Benek Cincik, Tiago Torres-Campos

"I have found myself looking at images of rocks, looking at us looking at rocks and imagining what it might mean for rocks to look back."

This book includes various responses to the geopolitical conditions of our tangent times through collections of visual materials and theoretical explorations with critical positionings. We conceptualize postcards as documentary space-time snapshots, which convey complex assemblages of dynamic, non-linear, unpredictable, ad-hoc networks between interdependent and transcalar actors in deep time. The postcards we assemble raise questions about the ethical and political challenges of the dominant modes of technoscientific knowledge production, modes that are constituted through existing power relationships, subject positions, and differences, and that perpetuate current inequalities. They catalyse speculative and creative geopolitical imaginaries and collective subjectivities that recalibrate existing value systems and indicate alternatives.