As well as hosting Dr Kathryn Yusoff as visiting fellow GeoStudio contributed to and hosted a number of other events including:

Thinking with and through the Earth  March 2015 – Cross disciplinary art/ geography, colloquium and visit to Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle with contributions from Kathryn Yusoff, Queen Mary, London, Angela Last, Edinburgh, Janet Stewart, Durham plus Northumbria staff and postgraduates.

A Material Conversation  May 2015 – One day cross disciplinary research workshop involving activities and discussions around ideas of material thinking with geographers: Kathryn Yusoff, Queen Mary, London, Phil Steinberg, Durham University and Timothy Edensor, Manchester Metropolitan University and Northumbria Arts staff: Ysanne Holt, Charles Danby and Allan Hughes

A Perfect and Absolute Blank Oct 2015 BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle Symposium including performances, screening and discussions addressing that least visible but most present entity The Sea and how we might think with its liquidity, mobility and volume to evolve new fluid ontologies of the world.

Practicing the Anthropocene July 2016 Atlas Arts,  Edinburgh. Through discussion, short readings and practical activities this workshop, delivered by myself, Rob Smith, Laura Harrington and Alex Hughes encourged participants to consider new material ontologies of the geophysical.


Using a deformation box - as developed by Scottish geologist Henry Moubray Cadell to replicate processes of geological faulting - to facilitate discussion of Jane Bennett’s ideas of Vibrant Matter and the agency of ​‘things’.