A Modern Lapidary

Collections Store, Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge and Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University
27 October 2023

A Modern Lapidary is a video work that both reanimates static images of mineral samples, seeking to destabilise the geological taxonomies by which they are governed, and seismically disrupts photographs of geological field trips from the archives of the Lapworth and Sedgwick Geological museums.


For Rocky Futures: Art and the more-than-human mobilities of geology it was live streamed from the Collections Store of the Sedgwick Museum (a closed space which houses over 350,000 rocks); as part of a field broadcast made in collaboration with artist Louise K Wilson and writer Jean Boyd.’Conversations in the Sedgwick‘, which proposed the archive as a displaced Rockscape – the strata of which – shelving, drawers, boxes, labels and data, perform an aggregate geology of matter and meaning.